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Cross Shard Raid Rifts - Here's how they work.

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T3 PA Rift Raid has opened up an opportunity to cross shard hop and farm bosses - great xp, rep and stone farming

People are farming them this weekend prompted by the following statement from Daglar

" Unintended but not an exploit. We are actually going to be leaving these abilities on over the weekend until we see something horrifically breaks. One of our longer term goals was to be able to fully support something like this, via UI, allow trading, etc - but 2.2 wasn't the intended time "

Click for: Original Thread-Checking with Trion

Ran around yesterday checking it out to gather info for us.

* Acquire T3 PA Rift Summons.
I chose Air first for Volan & also have fire. You are now able to summon people from other servers TO Laethys.
Each summon has an hour CD so you want to have more than one in case one is on CD.
Ideally you pop a Rift to suit the event OR DRR (someone else on the shard can pop) and use the summon according.
You can also run to any non raid rift use any flavor to summon people.

* Summons Mechanics
The summon lasts about a minute so make sure people are ready.
People taking the summon from another shard MUST be in the same zone on their shard
Once shard hoppers arrive people from their shard can right click on their portrait and "Enter Instance" - they must be in the same zone & party.

* Raid Compositions
You ideally want people in the raid from different servers, with different element summons HOWEVER you could leave a space or three and when a World Event on a server happens jump into there 60 chat, ask for someone to summon & invite to raid.

* Advantages
Great Hunt Rifts etc if quiet here
You can banner call the guild to any shard using banner - Once you get to a shard you can also create a guild raid so guildies can right click your portrait to save using a banner or if banners are on CD

* Disadvantages
DO NOT brez/accept brez by people from other shards you or they will automatically be ported back to your shard.
Biofoundary - You cannot enter another servers Biofoundary unless Laethys Biofoundary is open but found out yesterday you could duel someone and be yanked into the Biofoundary quite on accident.....
As the thread linked above says you cannot trade etc

* Being Prepared
Be Patient.
Max Planar Charges
Be a regular summoner
Up to you but I have a chat box specifically all 60 chats or you can put all world event chats OR /join crossevents@faeblight

* Leaving Another Shard
You are in an instance. You could recall, use your PA ports in the old world, dimension or try to use a porticulim.

Catching up with a lot of old friends this way which is good and some others not so good lol I'll add stuff as I discover it BUT really you could do this all day, takes a little co-ordination but is great for our Rifting community.
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Nice One.

We've fixed a number of issues related to the "Visiting" functionality that went live with T3 PA. With these changes, visiting other shards is easier and better than ever!

* The "Join Instance" unit frame menu option now both appears and works for anyone in your group (or group within your raid), not just members from your shard. We'll be fixing how this works with raid members in other groups and the display of names soon!
* The Summon Group tier 3 PA abilities now work when visiting another shard, and display the name of the party or raid member who summoned you, instead of "????".
* Planar Lures also now work when visiting another shard.
* There’s a new slash command, /shard, that displays the name of the shard you are currently visiting.
* Area lockouts (specifically, for the Volan zone event) and Instant Adventures are not addressed by this hotfix. These are larger issues we hope to address later.

Click for Original Source: Amary Patch Notes Update.

Incoming 24 hour pinata raid as glass beads go live Thursday.
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Leadership Council
Kiwi wrote:
Incoming 24 hour pinata raid as glass beads go live Thursday.

who needs beads still have like 18000 left from last year
Lube that shit up with BBQ sauce!
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Necrosis wrote:
who needs beads still have like 18000 left from last year

I do sir I'm a re-roll remember and I need Dimension items I spent all my beads on everything else taking up my bank on some alt somewhere.
On that note if you have any beads and don't want them think of me and Dimensions xox
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